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Glass White Board

Model No:G-005
Glass Whiteboard-Reflective 1) Applicable for marker writing and erasing 2) Maximum Size 2400x1200m 3) Advanced technology, enviromental product, long last life 4) First choice for office ...>>more
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Glass Writing Board

Model No:G-004
Writing pad, size: (all size can be customized for you) Material: Tempered glass; Printing: All colour can be customized for you, Dominant: Easy clean, distortion and wear resistance. ...>>more
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Magnetic Glass Whiteboard

Model No:G-003
Magnetic glass whiteboard because of its ctystal clear color, beautiful and durable useful materials, are now popular in the major companys conference room. It looks luxurious and even writing thousands of time, glass whiteboard also smooth as a mirror, crystal clean. 1. It is a full tempered safe glass, if it is broken, it will spit it to small piece. 2. It is 7 times harder than float glass. 3. It is corrosion-resistant, and could be used more time than of the ordinary board. 4. It is easy to ...>>more
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China Glass Board

Model No:G-002
1. The ultimate in office designOur new Glass Whiteboards are an innovation in office design. Why not add a touch of modern and exciting design to your office space? With the right colour, your company logo, and understated high technology stainless steel fittings, a Glass Whiteboard can add style to your reception area, office or boardroom. And why stop at one? And why only one colour?2. Great Design for the business board room... for the home office and even the kitchen!In your office or work ...>>more
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Glass Whiteboard

Model No:G-001
1. Blessing Glass Whiteboard welcomes you to the future of communication boards. Our unique take on the "whiteboard" brings many benefits to this useful communication tool. Combining incredible durability, a non-ghosting surface, available customization and modern designer style, Clear Future dry erase boards add a new level of look and interaction to modern offices --- a new level of style and durability in markerboard technology. 2. Our new Glass Whiteboards are an innovation in office design. ...>>more
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