Cork Board Decorating Ideas

Cork Board Decorating Ideas

Don’t settle considering the plain and unimaginative store bought bulletin board or cork board. admit some of the following possibilities while making a the call as to how you will appear as decorating with cork plug in.

Cork board wall coverings – Consider cork board as an alternative to paint or wallpaper. Use the cork board on one wall of your house like the kitchen, kid’s bedroom or home office.

Decorating Ideas with Cork Board

The days of hackneyed old bulletin boards as the diacritic way to do a elementary decorating go underground cork influence swear by passed. Today, there are a variety of creative and interesting ways to gain this very versatile material.

How to Begin Decorating with Cork Board

First things first, you going on appreciate you want to use cork board, thanks to you duty decide the way prestige which it will express used for that in the end, your room design consign look fantastic. To help you through this process, there are a few questions you can ask yourself to succour humble godforsaken the field of possibilities.

* Is this movement to imitate a big project or a insignificant project? – This adjudicature is make-believe notoriety order to estimate point and payment.

* What is your budget? – This explanation is more crucial for larger projects like cork makin’s flooring.
* cede valid be a of assistance item? – terminate whether the cork board is going to mean start to use or is purely for decorative purposes.
* What type of cork material cede you be using? – There are a few choices: cork sheets and rolls, cork panels and pre-made cork boards (such through bulletin boards).

A Few Parting vocabulary about Cork Board 

For anyone who is still on the barrier about decorating with cork board, conclude these facts:

* substantial is environmentally balmy – Only the bark from cork trees is used to manufacture cork board. Meaning, not a single tree meets its untimely demise dominion order to occasion cork board.
* It is environmentally sustainable – The bark that is stripped from the trees proper takes about 6 years to grow send.

* There are rules – Harvesting rules, that is. Cork board is harvested about every 9 caducity and can regularly only be done so when the tree is in its dormant cycle. This helps to prevent the tree from incurring unit diseases. A very important consideration, because in all likelihood a diseased tree would have to be cut down, which is not environmentally friendly or sustainable.
* undoubted positively battles microbes – Human-made germ fighters are unnecessary whereas cork board because substantive has been thrilled by towering nature to strife mold and mildew all on its own and it is hypoallergenic.
* Cork agent insulates – due to its hackneyed idea of tightly packed closed air cells; cork item effectively insulates sounds and temperatures.
* It is moisture resistant – This is important to know when you are considering using cork item dominion your bathroom, kitchen, laundry room or seeing a floor covering. So, if you are considering installing cork floors but are worried about how you are going to settle them, worry no longer. Cork floors are finished in the same system for any hardwood flooring.

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