Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner

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Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner:

Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner

Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner

Model No :Eraser-10
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Detailed Product Description

Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner,Chalkboard Brush,Plastic Whiteboard Eraser,Universally White Board Eraser

    As one of the most professional manufacturers/exporters of Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner in China, we have been supplying high quality products at competitive prices to our clients for several years. We also offer unique packaging and design of finished products. We specialize in Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner formulating and Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner styles, distribution of Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner and Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner packaging. We cater to our customers by offering a wide range of Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner products that create immediate excitement at retail worldwide. Our diligent and unwavering commitment to our private labeling clients has made it possible to expand our contract manufacturing business to USA, UK, Germany, France, Russia, Australia, Japan, etc.     With several years experience on private label orders and contract manufacturing on Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner and Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner packaging, we are familiar with United States standard and regulations and also with European standards.     Our high-tech laboratory and advanced production lines assure our quality and safety of our Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner products., our team of experience professional ensures strict quality control system. We exemplifies the best combination of art, science and competitive pricing.Wholesale Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner and export in China.Please Email Us to inquiry Now!!

whiteboard eraser
material:made in wooden;
with black felt on bottom part;
sizes:three sizes
whiteboard eraser made in wooden body with black felt;
three different sizes from photos;
we can supply plastic eraser and ther eraser too;
for more models,waiting your email
Type: Whiteboard Eraser  Magnetic: No  Brand Name: OEM
 Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland)  color: wood 
material: wooden  type: rectangular

1.It's used for whiteboard at office or school.
2.Good quality and reasonable price.
3.E-co friendly,non-toxic.
4.Durable ,and Easy Eraser completely
5.Product weight:34.4g
Poly bag
CTN size:43.5*43*37.5cm
1.This product exported Mexico, the United States, Poland,Canada,England,and other countries.
2.We guarantee each product will be checked.
3.If there are bad products, we will promptly pay compensation to customers without any charge.
4. We also sell a lot of similar electronic products, varieties, good quality,cheap price.

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Big Images Of Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner

Chalk Board Eraser Cleaner

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